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National Homeless Advice Service

Access to education, training and employment

Access to education, training and employment opportunities forms an important part of a young person’s accommodation and support pathway.

General advice and support

Local authorities and their independent and commissioned partners (voluntary sector and private provider) can assist young people in accessing further education, training and employment opportunities.

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The support pathway - education

As part of preparing young people for independent living, key elements of the accommodation and support package for young people in supported accommodation could be:

  • information, advice and careers guidance to support the young person in making choices about education and training
  • ICT training, to encourage and enable young people’s digital skills
  • sport and recreation, to improve health and support well-being
  • life skills, such as money management and basic DIY skills

More specific learning could include:

  • advanced ICT
  • interviewing and presentation skills
  • volunteering opportunities
  • Some housing and support providers will also specialise in training and courses targeted to the young person’s needs and future career aspirations, including work-based training and recognised qualifications.
St Christopher’s - skills for life

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Training and work

Advice and support to help young people into training and work can focus on gaining professional or general qualifications, or developing a skill, for example through an industry apprenticeship.

Step by Step

Some schemes help young people to improve their skills and access education or employment alongside taking part in activities and learning how to live healthier lives.

Depaul UK: Get up and go

New Horizon Youth Centre

Young people may be eligible for back-to-work benefits to help the transition from unemployment to work.

Gov.uk: Benefits and help when going back to work

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Personal development

Schemes may also be available to give young people the chance to develop personal and life skills, through local and national charities and through involvement in community projects and residential courses.

Duke of Edinburgh

National Citizen Service

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Financial help for young people in education or training

Financial support may be available to young people to enable them to stay on at school or access further education and training.

Support to access higher and further education includes:

Additional support is available from government, and also from funds held by colleges and universities to support students who face financial barriers to access, and also from private and charitable trusts and grant-awarding bodies.

Gov.uk: Financial help for young people in education or training

Financial help may also be available to young people wishing to study full or part-time at college or university. This is usually in the form of a loan, but some grants and bursaries may also be available.

Gov.uk: Student finance

National Union of Students - Money and funding

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