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National Homeless Advice Service

Information for homeowners

Are you worried about your mortgage?

This leaflet provides step-by-step information to help you begin to sort out your money worries and to make other arrangements for paying your mortgage and keeping your home.

Are you worried about your mortgage? (pdf download)

If you are an advice organisation, please note that we are not able to provide printed hard copies of the leaflet but we have produced a printable format version from which professional printing firms can produce a supply of hard copy leaflets.

Are you worried about your mortgage? printable version (pdf download)

National Debtline & Business Debtline

This guide gives you information and advice if you are behind with the payments on your mortgage (England and Wales).

National Debtline Mortgage Arrears Guide

National Debtline Homelessness Guide

Support with mortgage interest

This leaflet looks at the support available to homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages.

Support with mortgage interest payments

Supporting people to exit homeownership through a voluntary or assisted voluntary sale: a good practice guide

The guide was updated in April 2018.


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