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National Homeless Advice Service


Comments, compliments and complaints

We aim to provide a good service to NHAS members and welcome feedback, both positive and negative, which contributes to maintaining and improving the service.

We recognise there are circumstances in which a member may find the expected level or standard of service has not been met, and members are entitled to raise this via the complaints procedure. NHAS will ensure any problem is handled in a clear and appropriate manner, with the aim of swiftly resolving the issue to the satisfaction of all parties.

This procedure forms part of our organisational procedures, as part of our commitment to Quality Standards and commitment to continuous improvement.

Complaints procedure

This procedure covers complaints about the NHAS Consultancy Line, Training service, Housing Debt Casework service and any other service provided by the NHAS.

Written complaints can be sent by post to:

NHAS, c/o Shelter
Kings House, 2nd Floor
King Street

Please mark the envelope for the attention of the NHAS Coordinator, or e-mail: nhas@shelter.org.uk.

Please put ‘Complaint’ in the subject line. The complaint will be forwarded to the Shelter co-ordinator of the NHAS, Martin Goodsell, who will investigate the circumstances and try to resolve the matter.

The complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days, with a full written response normally provided within 21 days. Where circumstances make it impossible to meet this timetable, both the complainant and any staff concerned will be informed of the delay.